Planning & Scheduling

At A&M, we recognise the importance of getting it right first time and meeting tight schedules. That’s why, before we start any work for our clients, we sit down together and work through your drawings, plans and schedules. No one wants to have builders sitting around waiting for a delivery that’s late or whilst modifications are made, because something was missed at the planning stage.

In many cases a review of your plans, will reveal potential problems or even highlight alternative ways of achieving the same design.

There are many examples where improvements to a design have been identified by A&M, resulting in lower costs or even quicker delivery times.

We work with our network of suppliers to ensure that all steps of the supply chain work together to deliver quality on time, every time.

" With his quality and reliable service, Scott is a pleasure to deal with. Always willing to help or offer advice with a top service every time. Highly recommended. "

Tony Archer

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